Springlake Shopping Centre


The Caroline Springs waterfront shopping and business precinct Springlake is new exciting collaboration with PRJX Properties set to open late 2020.

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PRJX Properties
October 2019

About Project

Spring lake shopping centre will become the new retail hub for Caroline Springs and Its surrounds, featuring significant retail anchor Dan Murphy and the newly built, designer-styled Punthill Apartments and Hotels, a first for Caroline Springs.  

The Brief

To incorporate the lake as a key element, a timeless yet distinctive design that’s harmonious with the branding and logo's of the other leading retail anchors, Dan Murphy's and Punt Hill.


Simple | Timeless | Fluid


Stage 1

Logo and Branding Design

For this project we started with the colour pallet, choosing blue to represent the lake, we then incorporated a colour from the dan Murphy logo, grey and orange from the Punthill logo. Our main focus was the round shape and fluidity of the lake and using these simple elements as the logo body, we further evolved the design by introducing bold layers of colour so that we create unity between the anchor businesses and the precinct. The final product is a simple yet timeless logo and branding design unique to Springlake.

Stage 2

A website that was both information-based and marketable was developed, It was important for the local community to be informed about the project, and equally imperative for potential business operators to make an enquiry or get in touch about leasing a retail space.

Stage 3

We are currently working on stage three; this includes:
Media photography, press release, branded banners and hoarding, branded collateral and signage.

Casper's Clients

Layla Prates
"Professional, cool and affordable for my small business. More than happy with the final result of our partnership. Casper is my to go Design & Photography studio!"
Stefanie Turner
“The team at Casper & Casper go above and beyond to deliver excellent service. I've had nothing but wonderful experiences with this expert team. Highly recommend!”
Jake Sugar
"...Leading up to my first Art exhibition the support was phenomenal, they believed in me and the time and effort they put in their work portrayed exactly that.
Through the whole visual campaign, the meetings, the branding, the ideas, the symbols, the colours, the designs, the posters, the bookmarks, the t-shirts, the write ups, the photographs, updating my website everything they touched was on effing point! Pure gold..."
Sarah Petropoulos
“From the second I met the director Maria and from the moment I got to know Emma, Leyton and the other team members I knew I was in the right place. I felt at home. It’s rare to feel and immediately have that connection with people but what can I say the vision, the passion, the energy, the vibes, the effort was there from the get go, we set out goals and we smashed them”

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