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Grab the most eyeballs towards your campaign with street media.


e love getting the word out! There is no better way of getting eyeballs on your brand than outdoor and in-person activations. We can create posters and flyers for your next promotional event or launch of business. We connect with metro distributors who target heavy foot traffic areas and get your posters pasted up for the best visibility and catchment. We work with you to make sure the posters we develop have maximum impact when they hit the streets.


Why is it important?

Be Exposed To More Than One Audience

Visibility is key: Eye-catching posters, flags, paste-ups, or billboards are just some of the ways to engage with new clients, maintain your brand’s image, and stay relevant.

Clever Campaigns

The team at CasperStudio love blue-sky thinking and can strategise creative campaigns that take your brand to the next level. Let us pitch your next tag-line or conceptualise your visual advertising to elevate your brand.

Trackable Performance

The impact of visual branding campaigns, such as posters and signage, can be measured in success through ticket sales, new client intakes, website visits, and new followers.

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