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Build your audience and connect with your listeners on Spotify and Apple Music.


et us host and facilitate your next podcasts in our fully equipped studio room. Build your audience and connect with your listeners on Spotify and Apple Music. Podcasts are convenient and easy to consume, making your content informal and personal. It’s a great alternative to a video at a much lower cost, forming a new social channel through which your audience can connect with your views and values. A compelling yet straightforward advertising tool, podcasts are an excellent medium for modern-day businesses, helping you differentiate yourself from your competitors. Podcasting also helps you to establish your online presence – have a listen to Casper & Casper magazine’s latest podcast. We cover everything from fashion and art to health and wellbeing topics at the studio.


Why is it important?

Podcast Listeners Are Growing

Statistical data reports 48 million weekly podcast listeners in 2018. This is only going to increase with the forecasted listeners reported to reach 115 million by 2021.

Connect With Your Clients

Successful digital marketers find big wins with their content when they find a content type or topic with high engagement and low competition. That’s exactly what a podcast provides.

Convenient And Easy

CasperStudio is your one-stop shop for podcast production. CasperStudio can host, record, edit, film, post-produce, and upload your next podcast. We are here to help you reach your audience and grow your following.

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